world childern's day - history and celebration


When children's day is celebrated?

International children's day is celebrated on the 1st of June each year, though it is not a common phenomenon in many countries. children's day is often confused with Universal Children's Day which is celebrated on November 20th. 

History of International Children’s Day

The ICD is said to have originated in turkey in 1920(April 23) and later in Geneva, Switzerland in 1925.children's day was a coincidence that two very important events took place on 1st June 1925. The first was the World Conference for the Well-being of Children in Geneva and at the same time the Chinese consul-general in San Francisco gathered a number of Chinese orphans to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival.Since both these incidents had the idea of child welfare at their core, 1st of June began to be celebrated as International children's day thereafter but it were largely restricted to the communist countries and continue to be restricted, even after the atrophying of communism. There is often little public awareness of International children's day in the western world and the central Asian continent.

International Children’s Day celebration in different country

Most of the nations in the western world, the Middle East, Africa and the southern hemisphere have their own particular so called "Children's day", which they celebrate during different times of the year. Australia celebrates "Children's Day" on the fourth Wednesday of October. Brazil celebrates children's day on October 12th, which is also the day of Our Lady of Aparecida, a public holiday in Brazil. In India children's day is celebrated on the 14th of November, in honor of the birthday of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru (the first prime minister of free India) owing to his excessive fondness of children. 

International Children’s Day in Europe

However, being a prominent phenomenon in Europe, International children's day has acquired an important place in the agenda of United Nations and its concerned agencies, especially UNICEF (United Nations international children's emergency fund). This year children welfare is also going to be an important point of discussion in the G8 summit meeting in Heiligendamm, Germany from the 6th to 8th June (owing to it's proximity to 1st June). The major concerns will be poverty in the African nations and the prevention on HIV among children in the same nations. 

International Children’s Day at China

This year on the 1st of June, as part of the tradition in China (one of the nations that laid the foundations of this day) the celebrations went on in full swing when Chinese President, Hu Jintao, spend the day playing games with children. Hu, accompanied by a group of high-ranking officials, visited a kindergarten and a primary school at a small town of the Daxing District in southern Beijing, which mainly take in children of nearby farmers and migrant workers. Hu joined the children in playing with toy bricks at the kindergartenand played basketball and rope skipping with students at the school.

Recognition of International Children’s Day

Despite of the prominence that International children's day gets in nations like China and Poland, it practically remains an arcane in the majority of nations of the world. However, what demarcates it from other public holidays is the hope that it sheds over the future of children, the architects of tomorrow, especially those thriving for "just existence" in the underdeveloped world. The participation of agencies like UNICEF, G8 and other charitable organizations makes it an endeavor that is a giant leap towards peace and unification of humanity giving all those involved in the process that the world is ONE FAMILY.

More Adorableness

Zion Blossom is cute cute cute! About 12 weeks now (?? I've lost count, but not quite 3 months)

Blossom and her daddy at LEAF:

Meeting Christy from 25 Before 25 (finally!)

For those of you who have been following me for a while (as in since before I became pregnant) you may recall that little running hobby I had....remember? That one? I know, it's been a while. But once upon a time I really ran quite often, and was getting semi-good at it. I even had a separate co-written blog solely dedicated to running. Remember this one

Yes, that poor neglected blog. 
Well its neglect aside, yesterday I FINALLY met Christy, my co-writer!

Yes, I blurred out my child's face. I'm THAT parent.

Long story short, when we started talking more frequently and began the running blog, it came up one time in conversation where we were both from and it ended up that we grew up a town over from one another! What were the odds of that?? So we finally had a time where we were both in the right place at the right time and met up for lunch, where we stayed and talked long after we finished eating. And can I just say what a sweet person she is? SO sweet! And it was awesome to go on and on about running and training plans for our marathons - don't really talk about that with many of my friends! I'm just sad that her incredible summer travels won't allow us to hang out more! But we're definitely going to meet up again during the NYC Marathon weekend as she'll be back living in the city then. And take a look at what she got for me...

My first piece of NYC Marathon paraphernalia! Exciting!
(...though something tells me this won't be the last...)

So it was a lovely afternoon that was only ended because a certain someone of a smaller size needed to get home. Can't wait to meet up again!


And for those of you who so dearly miss my bajillion running posts (you know, all two and a half of you), have no fear, my running days are returning soon, very soon. Get excited...I know I am!

Party Time!

Clay and Reed decided to have a dual birthday celebration this year! Well, okay, I had to convince them that they could not separately rent out the gym for each of their birthdays :) They had a pretty rockin time, though!

We partied in downtown Asheville, at Asheville Gymnastics:

Mama time ~

Fort-building turned into foam battle:

What a happy little lady !

The birthday boys about to dig into homemade key lime pie and oreo cheesecake ... yummmm!

Adventure Day

We are doing 'Adventure Days' again... taking the kids out of the house on a somewhat regular basis, to go on daytrips somewhere new or that we haven't been in a long time.

For the first one, we tripped out to Hot Springs, NC. We know two lovely families out that way - and got to spend time at both of their houses. Thank you mamas for letting us invade on your houses! The kids got to find swimming holes, catch salamanders, and romp to their hearts delight :)

Checking out the salamander:

Prince Terry Asks for his Rainbow Colors

Aho Brother Prince Terry,
When White Buffalo Calf Woman went away She said, "The white calves born (albinos)" will speak of my return". Well is deep and here I am, sharing my heart with you. This is white buffalo calf woman, I am the fruition of the legend and walking and talking with the legion of rainbow warriors of prophecy, the crystal child/person/elder. All the white animals and even red animals too, around the world are speaking of prophecy, the returning of the stars of heaven, you and me, as members of the rainbow clan. All beings seen and unseen belong to the rainbow clan as well as heavenly brothers and sisters.

In other words, we all have a Great Name (heavenly mission and earthly tools of light), but also we also have many other names. One of your names is Terry. One of my names is White Buffalo Calf Woman. When you address a person by their name, you show respect and honor to what you are as a spiritual being.  In the condensed book "How to win friends and influence people" by Dale Carnegie, he talks about how a salesmen always enters a room, first to talk about the client, his/her heart treasures. There will be signs/sines/waves to this information. A picture here an award there and so forth. The fact is, to sell anything, one must first be willing to receive a story. We call this the bow of humbleness and respect for our fellow beings. Sow my beloved brother, address me by my name, White Buffalo Calf Woman. This is who you are asking a favor from. By showing respect, one learns the first step on the blue road, the heavenly soul which lies solid gold.

Each of us (beings including animals, plants, rocks and molecules) carry four sacred directions in rainbow colors. Even dust has four sacred directions, often depicted as a circle.  This is the spiraling of the dreamscape. Here we hold the universe in our palms or are being held in the universe in the palm of another.

You are seeking to know about your four rainbow colors, your four directions, we call the holy temple or buffalo home. We call this also the place our soul resides, within the darkness inside unseen, our heavenly dreams. Here in the halls of your rainbow colors, the winds of other spirits fly through you and all of us.  Those who understand their color's power and tool, then one is able to cultivate development of the soul.  This is called blue (heaven, soul, unseen, song, water, female, wisdom/heart) cross the red (earth, flesh, seen, color, fire, male, intelligence/mind), to become the yellow dream come true (to and fro, red and blue). When we return back to the community, we are the white (road or star of heaven, showing others how to cling to the tree of life. Elders and warriors are branches to the tree of life. While most are birthed as the leaves, relatives on the tree of life. While the upper part of the tree, it's leaves, reaches for light nourishment, fire, the lower part of the tree reaches with it's roots, for dark nourishment, water. Together they are bonded by the trunk of the tree. This is the law of love, that binds our soul from heaven to our flesh of earth.

There is so much that is you and reading your book of life, as your holy interpreter (wakan iyeshka) can take more than one look. Because once you know your four rainbow colors, you need to understand the colors, guide them as tools and the power that can be yours. But it all starts on the blue road, receiving with the heart. Repeat stories of others, especially when they are distressed or angry.  Then you can share your own heart. But if you do not, you will end up receiving a lesson, rather than receiving a treasure. Treasures are cultivated and kept close to the heart. Lessons are those who do not think and are inconsiderate of others. The law is love and heavenly reign comes into it's fruition at 2013. The shift is almost complete and many children are birthing souls who awaken to share, but often demand we follow their dare. We of humble children hear the story, but realize, that love starts here, not over there. Dreams come true, where I stand. I demand love rule this land. Stand up when others are in need of help. Do nothing, others will not help you. 

We are changing and the rules are changing in our shifting evolutionary period. Starting to understand we all need each other means we must shift from separation to unity in all our daily lives and events around us, by constantly blessing throughout the days/daze. Go to for daily spiritual development downloadable "Holy Week Day". This will help. But talking or reading is not doing. We are turning into the talking walking (wakan tanka) or Great image, "I am" of God, the child of the rainbow clan.

This came out as I sing all the time, "These are your rainbow colors, blue, yellow, red, golden brown, the sun has his head down."  Meaning blue, yellow, red (crown), gray (golden brown is from all colors). Wow what is wonderful about you is that you are the roads blue, yellow, red. Read this page to further yourself on the four roads, We are all united on the four roads, which each individually as vary flowers of the rainbow children, are blue road, red road, yellow road and white road. 
  • Blue is the soul of heaven, feminine principle unseen, sound waves.
  • Red is the flesh of earth, male principle seen, color waves.
  • Yellow is the to and fro between blue and red or the crossing point, where dreams come true. The dreamer seen and unseen, spiritual.
  • White is the dreamer back to the community, the circle of life, the star. Those who gift the most both earthly and heavenly
Blue/Black Mother Nation (talk talk)
Red Twin Child Nation (daughter) (talk walk)
Yellow Child Nation (sun) (walk talk)
White Father Nation (walk walk)

Think of these people as winds that blow up and down.
Golden North Pole Seed (peninsula) Nation (father and sun, higher descending, walking)
Brown South Pole Womb (islanders) Nation (mother and daughter, lower ascending, talking)

These are fundamental lessons to the four directions, however one more thing, you hold a crown on your red color.  There are four crowns in the universe. Three are rainbow colors of those upon heaven and earth. One is heavenly. She is great great spirit mother or the one before the two, the great garden of splendor (red lavender). The other crowned colors are crystal, lavender and red.  Crystal children/adults all wear the celestial crown. However, lavender (holiness) red (law of love) and red lavender (garden of four directions) do not. They are either wearing a crown, or one who belongs to the people. Or not wearing a crown or one is elder (soul) and belongs to self (transitional phase). And you wear the red crown, meaning that you and your very being belongs to the people. You are considered a Prince crown because it's an overlay and not your eldest color or first color (would be King crown) I share with you. This is the most unseen color others will notice about you. So your oldest color you carry is blue. And we call you the blue child. And this means you have indigo child/adult friends or acquaintances because indigos must be around blue, in order they can fly. And this means, you have indigo child/person near you who has the sight and can look into the dark space and see your crown.  An indigo child is a prophet, who can see into the end of light or heavenly unseen light.  They can see into the blue of heavenly seas for all beings. If they cannot see clearly, tell them to move over, because like a building, they cannot see through the crystalline stone structures of the river that flows or mows. A crystal child can see into unending dark of heavenly unseen and seen light of all the universe. And like a crystal stone, when light flows through, divides all the colors separately to be seen radiantly and perfectly. This is how my body is able to read the rainbow colors. Again, only crystal child can see true, for all others colors do imbue.

Blue is the heart of the world and with the crown, what you feel and know, is the winds of what blows through you. Remember you do not belong to self, but to the community at hand, whom are in your relative field (dream field). This is what makes us relatives of the rainbow clan or tribe. We are Oneness we are learning to awaken to this around the world. For you, it's an on going battle, because we need others to help us all the time, because we tend to help others all the time. And one more thing, there are also four colors who carry the red robe. And they are rainbow, magenta, lavender and red. Sow you are red robe, the law of love, to the people for the people. And what you feel is the people. And the only way to alleviate this pain and suffering of the winds that blow through you, is through sacred blessings. Do your "Holy Week Day".

Golden Brown, the sun has his head down. Going down into the valley of consciousness of the singularity, love's flow of heaven, where Great Spirit Mother reigns. it's love and it's law. Repeat all stories for it's the echo which will carry you through, as blues move from shore to shore or person to person, remember, you must cleanse your spiritual winds, to claim bounty to the treasures of heaven that lives within.

Your rainbow colors are blue, yellow, red (crown), gray. Welcome home relative of the rainbow.
your devoted servant,
White Buffalo Calf Woman your Twin Deer Mother
elder crystal child, wakan iyeshka or holy interpreter Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

ps. Love is give and receive. if one only gives, then receiving is not known, the heart of soul who yearns and dreams.  Teach others to give and receive, as this is your greatest asset. Demanding the law (warrior stand up), means you need more to learn. Do your "Holy Week Day" to purify. To join us on the hoops, with rainbow warriors of prophecy gift a prayer for them (look here for ideas

pss. Hey I noticed that you are born the year of the double fire horse. Only born every three hundred years. Two fires, bright within and without, the horse represents the soul journey.  Thus, to captivate your audience, one must only learn about sacred song blessings. Sing to the world.

On Mon, Jun 20, 2011 at 11:51 AM, Terry H  wrote:

I have been told that you may be able to give me a reading I have an idea who and what I am but, need confirmation any help that you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you 

Terry H 
12 11 66

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

The crystalline rainbow that lives in you, the heart of all that living is the part of the truth, it's only the reflection that gifts us the light, the wondrous journey we sing in strife, but we would have no other way, to enjoy all the beloved sacred displays! Welcome home Sacred Rainbow, where you shine all day, and nights bring the stars the emanate all grays (hear we go in Grandmother Space, weaving the Rainbow).

The First Two Babies

After opening the nursery in 2006, our first baby was Mphatso and the second was Bridget.  We are now in Malawi and we visited Mphatso and his adoptive parents.  He was quite shy and ignored us but did play with Bridget and Alina.  It was so wonderful to see him and the relationship he has with his parents.  These two beautiful children just reinforce the need for these nurseries.  Two children that would have died but now have families and an opportunity to live and hopefully someday serve the Lord who saved them.